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Not Just Any Pop Duo 

DeKam & Johnson create relatable tunes with a twist 

Wednesday Sep. 20th, 2017 

Measha Vieth, VolumeOne, photos by Nicole Johnson

Noah DeKam and Logan Johnson get your body moving to their funky beats, vocal harmonies, and instrumental vibe. With inspiration from John Mayer’s latest album, these two provide a new look at pop music. “We try to take all our different inspirations, whether that be rock, country, (or) folk, and we try to funnel it through a pop lens,” Noah says.

“When we met in high school we seemed to kind of click on a mental level, we read each other very well. Which I think is very important in any group dynamics.” – Noah DeKam, DeKam & Johnson

Their EP, Waves, which was released earlier this year, is the result of their first time recording in a studio. However, they’re not new to the music world. The two instantly connected upon meeting in 10th grade. “When we met in high school we seemed to kind of click on a mental level, we read each other very well. Which I think is very important in any group dynamics,” Noah exclaims. Piano lessons in second grade started Logan on his musical adventure, while Noah learned guitar from his grandpa and YouTube videos. Both delved into the music world at school by taking band, choir, and orchestra classes.

Now the two find themselves writing songs about their day-to-day lives and experiences they’ve had in hopes listeners can relate. They’ve picked up a full band over the summer and just started recording their first full-length album at Pine Hollow Studio with Justin Andersen. The process has been fun and exciting for them as they see their album come to life. “I’ve never raised a kid, but I imagine it’s kind of like it, as in, ‘Let’s see how you’ll turn out.’ It’s flowered into something awesome – we have a great team behind us,” Logan says. Friends Robbie Weisshaar on bass and Patrick Phalen on drums have joined the two by sharing their talents, as has Jacob Techmeier, Logan’s roommate, who designed the album’s artwork.

Noah and Logan are hoping to release the album this fall, just before they both graduate from college. As students they’ve been raising money to afford the recording process. “The cool thing about fundraising is it fosters a community thing,” Noah says. “This is your album. You helped create this big thing we’re all a part of.”

Unsure of where life will take them after their college days are over, the duo plans on continuing to create and perform music. For now, they have a few shows coming your way. Check out their next one at The Cabin in UW-Eau Claire’s Davies Center from 8-10pm on Saturday, Oct 7. Keep your eyes peeled for their full-length album release this fall by visiting facebook.com/dekamandjohnsonmusicor dekamandjohnson.com.