Last Night at This Time

 Last night at this time, you were by my side 

Last night at this time, this wasn't on my mind 

Last night at this time, we were holding hands 

Last night at this time, I had a different plan 

How could you leave me, in the door hanging high and dry 

They’ll never believe me, when I say it’s not me this time 

Just tell me one thing, where did we go wrong 

One minute we’re dancing, the next I’m writing this song 

Last night at this time, went out to laugh and sing 

Last night at this time, I held a shiny diamond ring 

Last night at this time, I sent a text out to your phone 

Last night at this time, I wasn’t reading it alone 



 Heather, how’s the weather 

Is it raining like the afternoon 

That we were sitting in my room 

Tell me, overwhelm me 

We could go downstairs and watch TV 

HGTV always agree 

Your beauty, consumes me 

I think about you all the time 

I’m terrified of summer time 

Busy, stay busy 

If I don’t talk I start to cry 

The silence hurts just like goodbye 

Heather, how’s the weather 

Is it raining like the afternoon 

That we were sitting in my room 

Oh Heather 

One last kiss don’t turn around 

We’re standing here on holy ground 

When you leave I’ll miss this place 

  To hold your hand to kiss your face 

I haven't slept in many days 

Your smell is on my pillowcase 

It hurts me harder every day 

It only grows it never fades


Grey Adidas Sweatpants

 Just that? You’re walking up ahead 

Yea from the front oh you're a ten 

I come behind pick up the slack 

Cause I like it better here in back 

I love to see the way you shake it 

Give me a drop that heart attack 

That thing you got behind you 

Turn a boy into a man 

My head spin ‘round in circles 

When you move it like you can 

Ain’t got no jeans, kakis, or slacks 

Just some grey Adidas sweatpants 

I’d like to meet you face to face 

But I’d have to pick up with my pace 

Think I’ll just watch you from behind 

One look at you the stars align 

I’d love to see the way you shake it  

I’d follow you up to the moon 

As long as that big thing’s in view 

I take this meeting as a sign 

Cause I’ve been waiting all this time



Mmm you’re really looking good I just had to come and tell you 

And I’m coming over with a drink and a decent reason why 

Let me hop up on the bench give me one more chance to show you 

Despite what everybody’s saying I’m a really nice guy 

One look at you I’m trippin’ 

It’s not from what I’m sippin’ 

Come slide on over to me 

Boyfriends are overrated 

And you look so frustrated 

I think it’s easy to see 

Let’s take the party back to your place 

Cause your face is looking so damn fine 

And if you give me the sign yea, you’re all mine 

I’ll follow you ’til the end of time 

Let’s take the party back to your place cause your face 

Has me losin’ my mind 

Yea I know you came alone and it’s kind of complicated 

But don’t be sitting in the corner all alone and acting shy 

You’re the reason that I’m here and I’m so intoxicated 

I don’t want to end the night on a meaningless goodbye


What Did We Do

It started so innocent 

Yeah we went out for a couple of drinks 

And I thought we were just friends 

Yeah that both needed to think 

Oh but you wanted more 

And I could see your eyes move for the door 

And the rest is history, history 

What the hell did we do last night 

I went and fell for your pretty blue eyes 

Now I’m that guy 

Broke it all up in the blink of an eye 

Now every time I see you when you pass me by 

I think about that night and how it wasn’t mine 

What did we do last night, last night, last night 

Now I’m not saying it’s wrong 

But I’m not saying I love 

If it were me I’d be gone 

From all the hurt that I’ve been through 

When I think through all of this 

Was it worth just that one little kiss 

Well the rest is history, history 


Sick of You

I think about you every minute 

Every minute of every day 

One look at your eyes you take me with it 

You got me feeling some kinda way 

Girl you got me going on like this 

From the very first kiss 

I never get sick of you 

Whether we’re walkin’ or we’re runnin’ 

No matter with who or what or where 

The feeling I get it’s overcoming 

I haven't felt this anywhere 

Girl you got me going on like this 

From the very first kiss 

I never get sick of you


 Mister Master Manipulator

 It’s always the same damn thing 

Every night of my life 

Maniacal high horse king 

I’m just trying to survive 

You hide between your lies 

Different story every night 

Yea deception it runs deep in your eyes 

Mister Master Manipulator tell me your plan 

We’re all just puppets on a string and no one’s taking a stand 

Don’t go walking after midnight 

It’s dark and scary in the woods outside your door 

Don’t go walking after midnight 

Cause I think you know what you’ll find 

You bury your deep feelings 

Every night of your life 

Whose life have you been stealing 

You best believe it’s not mine 

It’s who you are 

It’s who you are 

It’s who you are


Four Day Love

 The first day of a brand new year 

In a city I won’t name, a thousand miles away 

Behind the wheel just one hand to steer 

Take my thoughts and drive away, there’s no way I can stay 

See this thing keeps on happening

Yea the story it’s saddening 

I show up in a new place and find a four day love 

Yea it’s strong and it’s blinding yet I still end of finding 

The smiles turn to pain and there’s no way to hide it 

All you are is just one more song that I write 

To shake my feeling 

Every time that I play that song it just ends 

With my heart bleeding 

And still there never comes a day 

That I’m not staring at your face 

And looking at a picture and not you in my arms 

That’s the last time I find a four day love 

Until my next four day love 

Never planned to meet that night 

But your sand blonde hair fell down into the air 

Close together hearts in tight 

Until I had to go away, you know I couldn’t stay 

Oh my love 

Four day love 

Oh my love


 Late at Night

Can’t tell me you forgot 

The time you spent with me 

Late summer holding hands 

On Santa Monica beach 

Yeah I’ve been doing well 

Ever since you and me 

But there’s something in my mind 

And it refuses to leave 

Cause I remember the lights 

We’re kissing underneath the Ferris wheel and everyone 

Around us seems to stop in time 

I remember your eyes there looking back at me

And shining bright so tell me baby tell me 

That your doing fine 

Baby when your driving home at night, do you hear me on your radio 

And when you’re crawling into bed at night, are you thinking bout me even though 

There’s someone else holding you tight 

And I’m just drowning in moonlight 

So tell me what you’re doing, what you’re doing 

Late at night 

Late at night 

I can’t forget that smile 

And how I struggled to breathe 

The first night you laid me down 

I gave you all of me 

But all that’s history now 

It vanished into the sea 

And I’m feeling all that now 

At a quarter to three 

Moving on is just a part of life 

But lately I’ve been looking back in time 

And I know I’m too far gone 

And my memories soldier on 

Deep inside my midnight mind




L.A. Livin'

These days it's getting kind of old, here in the cold and I'm frozen in one place

I can't help but fall off to sleep, lost in my dreams like I'm running in a race

But I know there's so much more like the holy land is behind that door

What's it take to be JM west bound gone with my headphones on

I wanna live in L.A.

Feel the sun's rays

Looking out at all the palm trees like it's just another day

Have a house up on the hillside

Looking out into the city as I waste my time away

I wanna date a movie star loose half my money in my brand new car

Wake up and try it all again by the pool with all my friends

Cause we live in L.A.

Sunrise to sunset I forget what the hell even happened last night

Who's the rando in my Lambo Woah

Needs to know that I'm doing it right

Got my shades up by the beach

Give the paparazi a real good speach

You gotta try to look this bad

But I'm not that even mad


Used to Be

Everybody said I’m better off, everybody said its always wrong

But they didn’t know you like I know you

Another day with the ground covered in the rain

Since you left me alone for an aeroplane

And buried our love so deep behind you

Now I can’t take down all our picture frames

Can’t bring myself to even say your name

There’s not a chord that I could play

There’s not a song that I could sing 

There’s not a star to wish you back to me

All of the things I should have said

I lay down and look across my bed

And there is an ocean where you used to be

I look around for another you, do all the things that we used to do

But somehow my heart still feels so empty

I miss the way that you used to say, baby it’s all gonna be okay

You’re voice always sent a buzz right through me

No I’m trying to pick my life up off the floor 

And you’re trying to forget me


West Coast Lover

You tell me everywhere you look you just see another picture 

Of a ring on someone’s finger, makes you wanna throw up 

I can see it makes you nervous oh but baby you’re so worth it 

Now you’re feeling like you’re ready and you wanna grow up 

Baby look closer into me 

How I feel is a simple melody 

You’re my bubblegum pop 

Kisses sweet as sun drop 

You’re a PCH drive with the top down 

You’re my day drunk dare 

Run your hands through my hair 

Baby dance by the water in the midnight air 

You’re my shades you’re my summer 

You’re my beachside west coast lover 

Lean on in this way just forget all of your problems 

Come to me ill help you solve them we’ll just fly away 

Why you act so nervous we go deeper than the surface 

And I’m in this for forever never run away 

There is that smile I like to see 

Your shirt is my favorite shade of green



Hey man, don't you think that its time we all get together now

Hey man, don't you know one person cant turn the world around

If we throw aside our differences, and we listen to our fears,

We can see the other half of it and the whole thing gets more clear

If we can all agree that we’re all the same, and this is more than just a talk show game

Where the winners win and losers pay to play

Hey man, We don't have to keep on throwing out the hate

Hey man, We cant forget but we can pray for brighter days

Hey man, I know they’re right when they say the sun will rise again

Hey man, but in just one night you turned a friend against a friend